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[Past Patterns 1850-1863 Dart-fitted Bodice]
[Past Patterns 1850-1863 Skirt]
[Past Patterns 1860's Ball Gown Bodice]
[Past Patterns 1880's Day Dress]
[Past Patterns 1880's Polonaise Dress]
[Past Patterns 1880's Riding Habit Bodice]
[Past Patterns 1880's Riding Habit Skirt]
[Past Patterns 1880's Riding Habit Trousers]
[Past Patterns 1893 Wedding Gown Bodice]
[Past Patterns 1897 Two Piece Dress Bodice]
[Past Patterns 1897 Two Piece Dress Circular Skirt]
[Past Patterns Apron Front Hoop-skirt With Hoop Flounce]

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