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Doc Outfit

Doc Holliday/Tombstone Outfit
[Scully Rangewear Doc Stripe Shirt (Big)]
[Scully Rangewear Doc Stripe Shirt]
[Wahmaker Highland Pants]
[Scully Rangewear Morris Vest]
[Scully Rangewear Morris Vest]
[Scully Rangewear Frock Coat (Big)]
[Scully Rangewear Frock Coat]
[Scully Rangewear Nash Vest]
[Scully Rangewear (Big) Morris Vest  ]
[Scully Rangewear Morris Vest (Big)]
[Bailey/Renegade Clayton]
[Bailey/Renegade Hickstead ]
[Boulet Stove Pipe Boots]
[Scully Silk Puff Tie]
[ Jacquard Puff Tie]
[Frontier Classics Reno Puff Tie]
[Scully Redvale Puff Tie]

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