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Satin Brocade Corset

Satin Brocade Corset

Style: 6709

Price: $64.95

Description:The undergarments of the 19th century played a very important roll, they gave proper form and fit to the ladies clothing and figure. In the late 1880's the corsets became works of art. Made of elegant fabrics such as brocade and satin in nearly every color imaginable, and they were well trimmed with laces and ribbons. Our beautiful Satin Brocade Corset laces up the back, has front hook closers and boning throughout. The top is trimmed with gorgeous Venice lace. Most women are wearing one size larger than their bra size.

Camisole and Bloomers sold separately. Click below to view these items.

The color Royal and Turquoise are no longer available. 

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