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Cartridge Belts - CLOSEOUT ITEM

Cartridge Belts - CLOSEOUT ITEM

By: Wild West Mercantile
Style: CB-C

Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $76.00



*Limited To Stock On Hand*

This cartridge belt is all leather, 2½" wide.  Belts are available in either 45 cal. or 38 cal. Belts come in even sizes 34" to 48".  The labeled sized of the belt is determined by measuring from the buckle to the third hole. 

***The belt is typically worn on the high hip area, not at the waist.  Also we recommend adding up to 4 inches to the measurement to accommodate for wearing 2 holsters. Your other option is to measure the circumference of the exact area you plan on wearing the cartridge belt and to consider how many holsters you plan to wear.***

Size 34, 45 cal in color cordovan is no longer available  


*Color Consideration*

The color cordovan is dark brown with a red tint, sometimes referd to as oxblood. The leather color can vary from dye lot to dye lot.   Please note - the color in the photo may not be the same shade as what you receive.