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Long Oil Duster

Long Oil Duster

By: Snowy River
Style: SRH

Price: $149.95


For over 100 years, sailors and landsmen alike have known that the best protection against wind and rain is oilcloth (100% natural cotton treated with a special formula of waxes and mineral oil). The Snowy River Oil Duster features a full shoulder cape, patch cargo pockets and an inside pocket, adjustable double wrist snaps, sturdy leg straps, heavy-duty brass snaps with reinforced backing so they wont pull out and felded double-stitched seams. The duster is cut full for riding and it has a fantail to cover the saddle on your horse or motorcycle. The fabric is a heavyweight oilcloth, 100% cotton. Worn by both men and women. Unisex sizes. Made in China.